Reinforced concrete spun pipes.  
   Precast reinforced concrete box culverts
     Incorporated with a Dry Weather Flow (DWF) section.
   Precast reinforced concrete open drains
     Incorporated with a Dry Weather Flow (DWF) section.
   Reinforced concrete man-hole cover
     Conform to BS/EN124.1994 Class: A15
     Certification No. IKRAM/A052/H303/N2907
   Other precase products according to purchaser
   Precast reinforce concrete box culvert.  
   Precast reinforced concrete open drains.  
  General & Application

Southern Concrete Box Culverts are designed to MS 1293 PART 1: 1992 (width range from 600mm to 1800mm) Box Culverts consists of U-Shape (with or without dry weather flow) and separate lid-slab.

They are designed and tested to withstand & proof load of 112.5KN and ultimate load of 140KN. The applied area is 320mm x 320mm at any position of lid-slab.

Southern Concrete Box Culverts are suitable for use in construction of:-
a) Open Drain
b) Ducts
c) Tunnel, Sumps etc

Compare to cast in-situ structures they have many advantages such as:
a) Consistency and reliable cast concrete products
b) Shorter construction time
c) Easier field supervision
d) Economy

Southern Concrete Box Culverts are recommended for use in area where severe traffic loading are required. They are more economical than standard culvert pipes because the latter may have to be encased in concrete to achieve the strength which is expensive.

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